How's Our Blogging?

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April 9th, 2009

Hey guys. We've been working hard on the blog to keep you up to speed with all parts of the Overgrowth development process. The truth is we could talk about more than could be fit into a thousand blog posts but we really want to focus on the things that people find most interesting. If we use the number of blog comments a post receives as a success metric, our top ten posts have been:

1. Female Characters In Overgrowth (119)
2. Small Tank (93)
3. Storyboards For Overgrowth (87)
4. Getting Girls Involved In The Community (81)
5. Fighting Design Doc 1st Draft (79)
6. Designing Cultures (68)
7. Why you should support Mac OS X and Linux (66)
8. A Few Thoughts About Interactive Music (65)
9. Dog Weapons Part One (61)
10. Fighting As An End In Itself (61)

However, I'm sure this doesn't tell the whole story. Rather than try to abstract your preferences from blog data, we figured it was about time to ask you directly: How's our blogging? What have your favorite posts been so far and what do you want to see more of in the future?

Here is a smattering of topics we could focus more on:

  • The Overgrowth World (cultures, factions)
  • Hardcore Technical Posts
  • Tech Demonstration Videos
  • Concept Art
  • Story Boards
  • Game Design
  • Design Tours
  • PR Strategies
  • The Overgrowth Fighting System
  • Weapons
  • An Exclusive Interview With David
  • Funny Meebo Conversations
  • Indie Games that Inspire Us
  • The Origins of the Name Wolfire
  • Why Ninja Rabbits?
  • Should John Shave His Hideous Beard?

We'd be very excited to hear new topic ideas that we haven't thought of yet.