Planning Assets

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April 18th, 2010

Although there are many times when I think planning ahead for assets is not especially needed, I have decided this time to come up with a plan for making a set of temperate rainforests plants and trees. Before getting to this point I did a lot of test assets and prototypes but I am pretty sure I have worked out most of the details.

Tree plan
The plan

This image sums up the basics of my plan. I came up with this set of trees and plants by looking at images of temperate rainforests on google image search and I think this is a pretty complete for the environments I would like to make.

The larger assets are going to use tiling tangent space normal, diffuse and specular textures where each file contains two side-by-side tiling sub-textures for the trunks and major branches of the trees, and then I will be using a different texture for the folliage. This is a little different than what I have been doing in the past for tree trunks, and it is more in-line with the recent buildings assets I have been working on

I will be doing updates on how my plan is working out in practice so stay tuned!