Overgrowth Heavy Metal Song by George Dziov

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April 17th, 2010

This is a guest post written by George Dziov from Russia, who contacted me after creating an amazing heavy metal rock song inspired by Overgrowth. He was kind enough to share with us how he got his start as a musician and how his Overgrowth song came to be.

Hey people! Glad to meet you at Wolfire's blog! Most people know me as Android-Music but you can also call me George Dziov. :) My story begins in 2002. I was 12 and I was already a guitarist in my bro's band "Shöck Therapy". Our main genre is rock'n'roll. I like rock'n'roll but sometimes I wanted to make something unusual so I decided to create a project. First I gave it a name "Rock Machine" but since it was not very original, I called it "Android" in 2004, not an original name but at least it sounds much better. I've recorded 10 albums since then though you can witness only one on my site. Many people in my city liked my stuff but that wasn't enough - we had no internet at home! Only when we've got it (it was 2007), I've learned what the world is. That was one of the happiest days in my life - I created my site! So that was my start.

Below is George's song "The Day of Overgrowth". Be sure to check it out in HD.

An amazing heavy metal rock song by George Dziov

Since we had a Dendy and SEGA at home I was always dreaming about making games, we made a lot of pics in a Contra and Kung Fu mood. I tried to find any people or programs for game developing and finally found Flash. I also found many friends with whom I took a part in collaborations. I wrote music, you can check my stuff on Newgrounds. You can also find the old version of my Madness Day song :). Currently I'm working on three awesome projects and raising a local indie community. Babysteps are heavy but thanks God it goes very well so now I'm sure you can check my fresh games and my second official album on September.

Day of Overgrowth
A behind-the-scenes glimpse at the making of George's Overgrowth song.

What about Overgrowth? Damn I didn't play it yet but I already know it's awesome!!! (sounds of thunder and evil laugh) After reading the blog and watching the YouTube videos I've come to decision - brilliant job! First I heard about them on TIGSource.com (was searching for some decent games). Once I read Mikko's post about online orchestra, my thoughts were:

-Cool, I gotta sign up!

-No you can't, you 're not talented enough!

-Hey, who's talking to me?


So I've mailed Mikko:

Me - Hi, do you need a supa dupa mega guitarist? :D

Mikko - We already have 60, man! :)

Me - Erghmm, what about pianos? :S

Mikko - Same thing dude! :|

Me - I nearly forgot Imma awesome cellist! :D

Mikko - Ok, you won. :|

Next few days I was searching for a free cello. After "NaN" results, I started to panic. Then I saw some guys submitted some cool rock songs for Overgrowth. Next thoughts:

-Write a song, write a song!

-Hell yeah! Rock'n'roll! Btw who's talking to me?

-Damn, just do it, idiot!

So I wrote this song! :) I showed it to Mikko, Anton and John (hope to meet the rest of the team). Hmmm, what did they say?

Mikko: Cool! :)

Anton: Great! :)

John: Awesome! :)

I hope you also enjoyed my song. Long live Overgrowth! ;D

Thanks for the awesome post George and for sharing your fantastic song with us. The song "The Day of Overgrowth" has been made available for download here. George also has a MySpace page where you can listen to more of his songs. If you're a fan of intense heavy metal, you should definitely check it out.