Last call for Overgrowth orchestra

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March 20th, 2010

This is a post from Mikko Tarmia, who composed all of the music for Overgrowth.

As we mentioned earlier, we are recruiting musically-talented Overgrowth fans to play a special arrangement of the Overgrowth theme. So far we have over 80 volunteers, but we are still missing certain instrument players. We have plenty of piano/keyboard players and guitarists, but we need more string players (especially cello/doublebass) and could use a few more woodwind and brass players as well. Also, any unusual instruments are always welcome.

I received a few mp3 demos demonstrating instrument skills, and one of them was so cool that I wanted you to hear it too. Thanks to Christopher Edwards for this arrangement.

A hardcore rock cover of the classic Overgrowth main theme!


The last day to join the band is the 31st of March. After that I will start working on the arrangement, and then there will be the even bigger job of preparing the parts and instructions for every player involved. This will take some time, so you will have to record your part somewhere around June or July.


Here are the requirements again - you must:
- be able to play your instrument
- be able to record your performance

And, if you can capture some of your playing into a video file, that would be great too (for documentation).

Contact Us

Now please send me an email with some info about you, your instrument and your recording equipment. And remember, the deadline for signing up to the band is 31th March 2010, so don't hesitate for too long!