Overgrowth orchestra madness

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February 22nd, 2010

This is a post from Mikko Tarmia, who composed all of the music for Overgrowth. There was a huge response to last week's Overgrowth sheet music post, so we are going to try to organize an orchestra from the community.

Fan Orchestra

This is a call for all the Overgrowth fans with any instrument skills. We are gathering members for an online orchestra to play a special arrangement of the Overgrowth theme music! This is the deal: if you can play an instrument (any instrument at all) and you meet the requirements below - please send an email to conta...@mikkotarmia.com.

When we have our finished list of players, I'll start making an arrangement for this special band. Once I'm done with the arrangement, I'll send you the sheet music for your part, and then you can send us an mp3 file of your performance. When we have all the recorded parts, we'll mix it together and voilá - we have a finished song!

We will then post the song on the blog, and possibly include it in the soundtrack album (if we decide to make one) or even in the game itself. We can't pay you anything, but your name will be mentioned in the song's credits, and you can have some fun with us creating something wacky and unique!

Rabbit Musicians


There are only two requirements. You must...

  • be able to play your instrument
  • be able to record your performance

If you can capture some of your playing into a video file, that would be a bonus!

If we get an enormous amount of players, there's a possibility we will not be able to use everyone, especially if there are many players playing the same instruments. However, this is unlikely, and we will do our best to include everyone.

Contact Us!

Again, please send me an email with some information about you, your instrument and your recording equipment. The deadline to sign up is March 31st, so please do it now!