Overgrowth Alpha 10

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January 20th, 2009

Today marks our 10th weekly alpha. Has it been 10 weeks already?

New this week:
- More bug fixes
- True transparency for the UI
- Better behaved tooltips
- New console. (now with copy/paste, etc.)
- A bunch of new art from Aubrey
- The rabbot runner, as featured in our procedural animation video (press 8 and 9 to toggle)
- Box select added (hold down right and left click simultaneously and drag)
- Groups are now hierarchical
- Save selected objects (ctrl-shift-s) and load them as a set

Alpha 10

Also, here is a summary of Wolfire news this past week:

We were kicked off of Vimeo. This also happened to 2dboy. I think it's time for a massive indie exodus. Subscribe to us on YouTube and GameTrailers!

ModDB hotness
We have been voted one of the top 100 upcoming indie games on ModDB! Vote for us here. We also did our first podcast interview with ModDB.

More distributors!
We signed a deal with Direct2Drive and a few other digital distributors. We have updated our standings here: Indie Friendly Online Distributors.