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Indie Friendly Online Distributors

Add Comment! By Jeffrey Rosen on January 7th, 2009

As a small indie developer, we don't have the resources to make a bunch of CDs and boxes for Overgrowth. The good news is that physical retailers are out and online distribution is in. This Penny Arcade strip from 2007 is pretty telling. It's 2009 and online distribution is bigger than ever.

After our big news with Steam, we asked for tips on other distributors to contact. You guys flooded us with advice! We thought we would compile a list of all of them and denote our status with them so far. We hope other indie developers find this useful and, of course, if we are missing any, please let us know in the comments, or contact us directly!


Online We're good to go!
Idle Initial contact has been made
Away Multiple attempts to contact -- no response
Offline Not accepting new games at this time

Online Distributor List

Online Steam
Online Direct2Drive
Online MacGameStore
Online Impulse Driven (Stardock)
Online GamersGate
Online GameStreamer
Online Deliver2Mac
Online Archive Games
Idle GameTree Online
Idle Garage Games
Idle GameTap
Idle GOG
Idle Greenhouse
Offline Manifesto Games

We're very optimistic about Overgrowth, especially with early victories like Steam, which is the biggest PC distributor by an order of magnitude. The task now is to get responses from the smaller shops. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to get your email returned.

Did we miss anything in our list? I'd like to get this list as complete as possible, not just for us, but to make it canonical for other indie developers too. Also, what are some tips to get companies to return your emails?

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