Rabbit head set piece model

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September 18th, 2010

I recently made this set piece for a desert level I was working on. Here is my work on it at various steps!

rabbit head concept

The first thing was to draw a concept-- this took a few iterations, but by this point I was pretty happy with it.

Rabbit head base

Next I built a base model to import into Mudbox. The base model is a very simple shape that just gives us a good start to sculpt from. A good base model uses quads to avoid issues with pinching that can show up while sculpting, so I fixed up some of the more obvious triangulated areas before moving on.

first pass sculpt

Here is my first stage of sculpting, where I try to get the larger features finished before moving on to the finer details. This is where it really starts to look like the concept.

final model

Finally, after making the game-resolution mesh and "baking" down the details, I am able to put it in the engine. Because I intended this model to be the only one in the level, I didn't have to worry about optimizing it too much, so it was pretty fast and easy to make.