Overgrowth guest art spotlight - Huey

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September 13th, 2010

This is a guest art post from Huey who sent us a series of his hand-drawn sketches which were inspired by Overgrowth. Huey is only 9 years old but I can objectively say that his drawing abilities already exceed mine. Along with letting us share his pictures, he was kind enough to share a few words with us about his design process.

Dog Warrior
Dog styled after Aubrey's Fartooth Clan Warrior

What got you interested in drawing Art?

Well when i was about five me and my dad started drawing stuff and thats how i really got into art and I like to draw beasts and dinosaurs especially.

Wolf Slayer
Wolf slayer sketch reminiscent of Aubrey's awesome timelapse

How did you hear about Overgrowth and what made you want to draw Overgrowth characters (maybe you can provide a brief description for each piece)?

Well one day i was bored so i went online to look for some game downloads and i came across lugaru and i heard you talk about the sequel Overgrowth. So i checked out your website and thats how I got in to it. Then I watched some of the tech demos and really enjoyed them. Then I decided to pre order it. Then after a while I started drawing some of the characters (and my own characters).

Turner and other rabbit concepts

Can you tell us more about your design process? (what was hard, what was easy, etc.)

Well the hardest thing about my drawings is the basic proportions and the shading (witch sometimes has to be done in charcoal and graphite) and also were to put the eyes. The most easy thing was the clothing details,blood and weapons etc.

Dog Warrior
Special elite assassin specifically trained to hunt down Turner

Is there anything special about your characters we should know?

Not really anything special about them apart from the raider he is a special elite assassin specifically trained to hunt down Turner.

Thank again for sharing your art with us Huey.