Overgrowth Alpha 73

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April 6th, 2010

Here is what is new in Overgrowth in the 73rd weekly alpha. If you are confused what a weekly alpha is, or even what Overgrowth is, please read our fancy FAQ. Basically, we are developing a massive video game from the ground up -- we are able to do this completely independently by accepting preorders for the game before it's done!


Here are a few highlights from the source repository:

  • Third-person camera can no longer go through things
  • Movement speed changes on slopes
  • SDL and Awesomium changes to reduce CPU load
  • Initial jumping and air movement sound effects
  • Fixed rigging editor loading and undo issues
  • Added support for overshooting animation transitions
  • Fixed bug when deleting non-collision objects (like plants)
  • New crouch animation
  • Better transitions to and from jumping state
  • Improved fading between multiple animation layers
  • Scriptable animation fade speed
  • Better jumping up steep hills
  • Added matrix orthonormalization in between keyframes
  • Added initial inverse kinematics to keep feet in contact with uneven surfaces
  • Added camera impact smoothing
  • Installer should not require admin access
  • Fixed dagger path in the object browser
Overgrowth Alpha 73
Check out the lucky rabbit's feet!

Thanks as always for all the support! See you guys in IRC and the forums.