Overgrowth 1.4 - Drika's story and modding improvements

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August 1st, 2019

We released a 1.4 update for Overgrowth back in January! We didn't post about it here because we were having trouble with the blog system, and were too focused on our new game to work on that. It's finally fixed now, though, as one step in the process of preparing our new website! I'm sorry it took so long.

Here's the Overgrowth 1.4 update video:

In this update, we added a new story mode campaign: Drika's Story, and some improvements for modding.

The editor's spawner menu has been cleaned up quite a bit. Many new items have been added to the spawner menu (over 200!), and old ones have been cleaned up.

Now most hidden parameters for characters have also been exposed in the editor, so they're easier to find and to remember how to use.

There's also a bunch of other bug fixes and other small modding related features that have been added.

Thanks to the Wolfire community (especially people on The official Discord Server) for all the play testing and bug reporting they've been doing. Without you, this 1.4 release wouldn't have happened!


Here's the top changes in the 1.4 release. The points listed here are just a summary of all the changes. You can find the full change log here.

New Drika's Story Mode:

  • New story mode content in the Therium 2 universe
  • Drastically improved version of the mod version of Drika’s Story (so it would be worth another playthrough if you’ve played the mod)
  • A lot of new dialogue and levels
  • Graphics updates (to the Steppes especially), and more character interactions


  • Exposed most hidden parameters on characters, so they can be easily found in the editor UI
  • Made AI fear mechanics fully customizable via editor params. Can now make rabbits not flee wolves, make non-wolves scary to other species, etc.
  • Added parameter to make a specific character flee when health drops below specified value
  • Cleaned up spawner items, added all working items to the spawner that were used in levels


  • Many bug fixes. See the full change log (link above) for details
  • Many new script APIs
  • Several small improvements to the editor

If you find any bugs, please email a full description along with your system specs to bugs@wolfire.com

To download the update, use Steam, or log into your Humble Bundle account.

Thanks as always for all the support. See you guys in Discord!