The previous few weeks in Overgrowth

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April 7th, 2017

People have been asking us for more updates. We post on Twitter multiple times a day, but that doesn't reach our whole audience. This post will kick off a weekly wrap-up of our progress.

This week we've been working on new graphical features, bug fixing for Beta 3, and the new Overgrowth campaign levels. Here are some highlights from the previous few weeks.

First, we made a few gameplay changes:

We've also been working on improving some animations: We added an experimental collision painting feature in the editor: ...which lets you do things like this: The main menu UI has gotten a lot of work. I'm only posting one shot here, but most of it has been reworked: We also added several new graphical effects: We have also made a lot of progress on an all new Overgrowth campaign - Much more than we have screenshots for: Next week will have a few more details, and a bit less Twitter spam. If all goes according to plan, then next week we will also release Beta 3. See you then!