Overgrowth a196 changelog

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January 28th, 2013

Here are the major changes for Overgrowth alpha 196:

  • Removed MSVC 2005 dependencies to fix "side by side configuration" errors
  • Fixed all known unicode errors and removed unicode warning
  • Fixed Angelscript caches not updating when include files are changed
  • Fixed Awesomium keyboard input
  • Removed last remaining ODE dependency
  • Fixed shader preprocesser issue with baked imposters
  • Fixed crash when loading a level that has no script
  • Added main menu toggle to config file
  • Added mouse sensitivity value to config file
  • Progress on placeholder object spawn points and previews
  • Completing a challenge level triggers level-end screen again

As you can see this update was mostly about fixing long-standing compatibility issues, as well as any bugs that might have been introduced during the extensive refactoring for alpha 195. This should clear the way for further gameplay progress!

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