Overgrowth a195 changelog

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January 21st, 2013

Here are the major changes for Overgrowth alpha 195:

  • Switched build system to use CMake for all platforms
  • Made sure all libraries and platforms are compiled with high compiler optimization settings
  • Updated Boost, Awesomium, Bullet, TinyXML libraries to the latest version
  • Updated build script to use latest compilers for each platform
  • Added script bytecode caching (for fast Angelscript loading)
  • Fixed morph target caching (for fast character loading)
  • New undo system (more maintainable but not optimized yet)
  • Wrote new GLSL preprocessor to replace Boost::Wave
  • All decals use the 3D manipulation interface
  • Added shader for tangent-space normal maps combined with detail maps
  • All objects properly free memory when deleted in the editor
  • Levels can have their own specific scripts
  • Added ‘placeholder’ objects that can be used as reference points for level scripts
  • Capped main menu at 60 fps even if VBL sync is disabled
  • Fixed problem with character LOD cache
  • Fixed problem with slow-motion toggle key

There is no video because these are mostly refactoring and build system changes, but they will make it a lot easier to proceed with new gameplay features!

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