Overgrowth a184 changelog

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July 2nd, 2012

This week I added save files to store the player's scores and awards on each level. There's no UI for this yet, but it's a big step towards adding persistent goals for the challenge levels. I also changed team loyalties into editable parameters, so that character types are no longer locked to specific teams. This should give a lot more flexibility to level designers: they could have two teams of guards fighting each other, or the wolves and raiders could team up against Turner.

I didn't have time to make a video today because the Indie Open House program just ended, and I had to move all of my things from the office to my apartment -- even with a lot of heavy lifting from John, this took up most of the day. I'll make sure to cover these changes in the next video!

Here are the changes for Alpha 184:

  • Team loyalties are now parameters
  • Added save files that store high scores and awards for each level
  • Exposed save files to Angelscript
  • Improved HUDImage scripting to prepare for new UI screens

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