Art Asset Overview #23

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October 26th, 2011

It has been awhile since I did a video, but I have been hard at work on Overgrowth (which you can preorder here), so I have a lot of different things to show off. A major part of the game that David and I have just started to turn our attention toward is the story and level design. Since these aspects of the game have not been fleshed out much yet, I have been doing a lot of testing and revisions. I have used this as an excuse to also track down and document some bugs that I have seen crop up from time to time so that David has had enough information to fix them.

I also got some new building art assets done. These may be the last town-oriented assets I do for awhile even though there are a lot of things I still need to make fully fleshed out towns and villages. Instead I am going to focus on really nailing interesting outdoor environments with crete structures, since I feel like they are one of the main visual hallmarks of the game.

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I also went to Fantastic Fest/Fantastic Arcade in Austin and it was awesome. Here is me losing at the interesting game Jesus vs. Dinosaurs by Grapefrukt and Petri Purho against cool person Brandon Boyer in a tournament:

Fantastic Arcade was free and open to the public this year, and like last year, had an all star lineup of indie games. I have been to other events with indie games, but Fantastic Arcade is by far the best for meeting the people who are actually making these great games.

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