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Wolfire will be at Fantastic Fest

Add Comment! By John Graham on September 23rd, 2010

A celebration of indie-ness is about to take place in Austin, Texas starting tomorrow. It's called Fantastic Fest and while historically, their major focus has been on independent film, they've also been working hard to branch into independent gaming. A lot of indie developers are in town and rumor has it that a certain ninja rabbit fighting game is going to appear at the Fantastic Fest Arcade along with other big indie names like Machinarium, Monaco, Braid, Limbo and many more.

Fantastic Fest

The Fantastic Fest guys were kind enough to fly us out (we've never had a conference offer to do that for us before) so I'll be on the scene along with Aubrey. We were asked to give a presentation about the making of Overgrowth which is scheduled for Sunday, September 26 at 12:15pm. I believe the location will be at The HighBall next to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. If you happen to be at Fantastic Fest, it would be great if you could attend. Don't hesitate to say hello if you run acoss a guy with a wolfire t-shirt and a braided beard.