Early feedback

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May 28th, 2010

One of the cool things about letting everyone know what we are working on is getting feedback right away. Getting early feedback is good for users since they let us know what they want, and it's good for us because it allows us to make a better game.

When we released Alpha 80, some commenters pointed out that the trees were not very detailed in this screenshot.

Here are the plants in question.

I decided to reduce the scale of the plants rather than redo them from scratch to give them more detail for their size.

Then I realized I still needed larger plants. So I made a more detailed version of the deciduous tree designed to be as large as the original tree I had started with.

This plant had the problem of using too many triangles, which can be slow. I decided to try making some fuller plants that used fewer resources to fill up the scene.

Here are the new plants in the original scene.

They are not perfect, but I'm sure I will keep getting feedback!