The Organic Indie Preorder Pack

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January 6th, 2010

Introducing The Organic Indie Preorder Pack!

The Organic Indie Preorder Pack

While hanging out with fellow San Francisco indie developer, Unknown Worlds, we had a crazy idea. Steam, Direct2Drive, and other distributors often have extremely popular game bundles... why not try that ourselves? Here's our first crack at it!

As of today, Wolfire and Unknown Worlds are bundling our upcoming games: Overgrowth and Natural Selection 2 Special Edition. Purchasing both games would normally cost about $70, but now you can preorder them both for $39.95 (saving 40%)! Watch the video below to learn more... in HD!

Background song is the instrumental of "Aeronaut" by Wolfire fan and modder Jendraz's band: Knights Errant. Check out their Facebook and MySpace!

What makes this bundle special is that unlike many other "indie" bundles which are hosted by corporate middle men, we are hosting ours independently. This means that 100% of all sales go directly to supporting our game development.

Additionally, both Wolfire and Unknown Worlds practice open development which means that preordering gets you access to early builds of our games. Since both games include editor tools, users can already start building their own custom levels (and have been doing so)!

The promotion won't last forever so what are you waiting for? Grab your pack now!

The Organic Indie Preorder Pack

So what if you already preordered one of these games? Awesome! You get the other one for free! This means that everyone who preordered Overgrowth is now a proud owner of Natural Selection 2: Special Edition. See the Secret Preorder Forum for more details.

Since this is an independent bundle, we don't have a marketing budget. Please help us spread the word and use Jeff's new Facebook share and retweet buttons! Happy new year everyone!