Armor Types in Overgrowth

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August 5th, 2009

Close Fight

There are a few different styles of armor in Overgrowth, made from different materials. These materials affect how the armor works. For example, in the above image, the rabbit is taking a blow on a wooden buckler, causing the armor to splinter. It wouldn't take many hits to render the armor useless.

There are two broad categories of armor that partially overlap. Hard armor consists of rigid plates that are good protection against piercing or slashing attacks, while soft armor is padding that is more effective at preventing damage from falling or being thrown into objects. In between, you have armors like chain mail and studded leather. Here are some examples of how the races of Overgrowth may use these types of armor:

Armor Types

We have not figured out all the gameplay implications of the armor types. For example, does soft armor slow you down more than hard armor when it is wet? Which armor type is the most flammable? These are questions we may need to find answers for before the game is complete. What are other ways that different kinds of armor can affect gameplay?