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Wind Sounds

Add Comment! By David Rosen on March 17th, 2009

I started working on the sound effects for Overgrowth, and decided to start with the sound of air rushing past as the camera moves around the scene. Here's a short video of our wind sounds so far! Please feel free to watch it in HD.

This is a good test for our sound system because it requires looping sounds with dynamic volume and pitch-shifting. There's a constant looping wind sound for the scene, overlaid by another wind sound that increases in pitch and volume as the camera speeds up. I also added a subtle camera shake effect at higher speeds. I also tried a blur effect and field-of-view shift, but decided they were too distracting.

These details probably seem insignificant, but I find that these effects make it fun even to move the camera around! This is a good, though small, example of my basic game design philosophy: make all of the player actions rewarding at a low level (a.k.a. making them 'juicy'). The real challenge for me on this project will be to support that with solid higher level mechanics as well.