Overgrowth Alpha 12

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February 2nd, 2009

Another week, another alpha. Here is what is new in Overgrowth this week.


As usual, we have fixed a number of bugs, tweaked some stuff, and implemented some new features. Aubrey has created even more art.

Going through our svn the past week, here are a few highlights:

- Better graphical feedback for editor
- Improved feedback grid
- Lighting changes on the selected faces
- New icon when rotating and new handle line
- Fixed compression artifacts in the sky
- Added support for uncompressed textures via _nocompress tag
- Add skybox saving and loading
- FTGL replaced with webkit text

We have also finished migrating the forums and blog to a fancy new dedicated server! Also, be sure to watch the map editor tutorial.

P.S. I am going to open a public bug tracker for Overgrowth this week. Does anyone have any suggestions for which software to use? We use Trac internally, but I would really like something light weight and easy to use like Google Code. Unfortunately Google Code only allows open source apps.