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The 6 Silliest Meebo Moments

Add Comment! By John Graham on February 2nd, 2009

I've been wanting to share these with you guys for a while now, but the timing is especially appropriate in the wake of Jeff's latest post. Jeff covered all the important benefits of Wolfire's live support. We have had our fair share of exciting visits from higher-ups at gaming news sites, awesome fans who want to give us fun ideas and people in search of interactive help for Lugaru and the Overgrowth alphas. While most conversations tend to be very productive, there are occasionally times when funny things happen. Without further ado, it is my pleasure to share with you my six silliest meebo moments:

Silly Turner

Image by Vib Rib


(This occurred while I was watching the superbowl and the person left before I had a chance to read his message).
arm: hiii
arm: ill give you money if you can spell the longest word in english
arm: goodbye


John: hey Jerome


(regarding Aubrey's awesome cat concept art)
ralok: why that cat have a banana strapped to his head
John : he thinks it looks cool
John : it was a really expensive and rare banana
ralok: it serves no purpose it doesnt even keep the sun out of his eyes
John : you're just jealous


(unfortunately happened while I was away)
RMC: Hello Hello Hello
RMC: my friend
RMC: i love you
RMC: you and everyone else at wolfire
RMC: you are so AWESOME
RMC: oh fine ignore me
RMC: you think ime gay right
RMC: well im not so shove it where you want
RMC: not gay
RMC: I just love your work
RMC: does this work like MSN or do i have to wait for an email or something
RMC: um...
RMC: *huff*
RMC: *sob* *sob* *cry*
RMC: ill donate $10 to your indie company
RMC: If you talk to me
RMC: OK $20
RMC: you are online i can see you are
RMC: what, are you making a coffee or something


(this is a 2 parter and they happened in rapid succession so I'm pretty sure the same person was responsible for both)
06go: hello?
John: hello ther
John: how can I help you?
06go: go f**k yourself
John: :)
06go : [[owned 2009]]

MJad: Greeting!
John: hi there
John: how can I help you?
MJad: What is this?
John: you are chatting with John of Wolfire Games
MJad: Ohh
John: did you see our new video?
MJad: Yes!
MJad: John you do coding here?
John: no coding at the moment
MJad: No?
John: as much other stuff as I can so the other guys can just code :)
John: thanks


Gaygaygay: F**k you guys
WolfireJohn: :)
Gaygaygay: its not funny
WolfireJohn: have you played Lugaru?
Gaygaygay: F**k you
WolfireJohn: we appreciate your feedback
Gaygaygay: F**k off
WolfireJohn: let me know if you have any questions
Gaygaygay: how can you be so happy about this?
WolfireJohn: well we really like making games
Gaygaygay: are you the dalai llama
WolfireJohn: and I think we're making a good one with Overgrowth
WolfireJohn: but we need feedback from fans like you
Gaygaygay: yeah okay i was just kiddin anyway i love your work you guys are awesome!
WolfireJohn: well we appreciate that, how did you find us?
Gaygaygay: sorry about the profanites
WolfireJohn: please continue if you'd like
Gaygaygay: friend turned me onto yous
Gaygaygay: F**K F**K F**K!!
Gaygaygay: heeheeheh
WolfireJohn: well we're glad to hear that
WolfireJohn: because we're a teeny tiny company
WolfireJohn: and no one knows we exist
WolfireJohn: so word of mouth is about all we've got going for us :)
WolfireJohn: have you tried Lugaru by the way?
Gaygaygay: ill tell everyone i see that likes giant rabbits killing each other
Gaygaygay: yeah its fun
Gaygaygay: rabbit kick is so cool

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