Team Introduction: Jeff

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September 4th, 2008

Hey, I'm Jeff. David's (fraternal) twin brother! David and I are really excited to finally get Wolfire off the ground and really get serious about game development.

I am a student at UC Berkeley, but Wolfire Games is too cool of an opportunity, so now I am a part time student. :) This is why we are all located in the East Bay. My role here is as a software developer with an emphasis on web stuff, so if you notice anything weird on the site, let me know!

A little bit of background about me: I wrote AIMM, the original third party AIM client for Mac OS. I then went on to write some shareware apps for people who sell stuff on Amazon, and have since been doing a lot of contract work for Amazon sellers. If you bought something used on Amazon and received an annoying email about it asking for feedback... Yeah, that's me. Sorry!

About a year ago, I joined Redux, Inc., as a software developer and wrote the back end for (you can check out the iPhone version, but the main Meebo style site has been canceled - it was awesome though!) and worked as a developer for the site itself. However, once David graduated, we officially formed Wolfire Games and I am really excited to finally be working on my real passion: video games!

Favorite Games: Quake 3: Urban Terror, Angband (you don't need graphics to be an awesome game), Super Smash Bros.

Random Fact: When David and I were ~8, David made me really mad and I deleted his "Games" folder on his computer, not knowing his original HyperCard games were in there too. This loss of data and trade secrets probably set Wolfire back years. That is how I earned the title "Evil Twin".