Team Introduction: John

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September 3rd, 2008

Hey guys I'm John.

I went to elementary school with David, Jeff and Phillip (K-8) and am glad to have finally met Aubrey.

I've been an avid video gamer my whole life. I had my first game development experience as an assistant product manager and voice actor for David in second grade. Thanks to David's coding skill in Hypercard and my occasional crazy idea, we invented the "grayscale stick-figure choose-your-own-adventure war game" genre which was quickly banned by our school librarians due to its mature content.

My love for gaming caused me to learn some visual basic programming techniques in high school. I even managed to produce some primitive games using OpenGL and C++. At Yale University I spent time wrestling with Java, C and Scheme but decided to major in economics. I hope to bring important management and business skills to Wolfire (read: Im the least technologically competent person on the team).

Favorite Games: Operation Neptune (how I learned my maths), Jedi Knight, Unreal Tournament

Random Fact: I composed and synthesized the main menu song in Black Shades.