Team Introduction: David

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September 9th, 2008

Here is the last introduction: David himself (written by Jeff, his twin brother). David is too valuable to spend time writing his own bio, so I am writing it for him while he codes!

David is the head programmer at Wolfire Games and the company really exists because of him. He is an amazing programmer, completely self-taught. The combination of David's brainpower, his intuitive mastery of all things math, and the crazy properties of his memory / speed reading freakiness (more on this later) lend him to honestly be the most insane programmer I've ever seen, and he is perfectly tailored for graphics programming, which is what he really enjoys.

David recently graduated from Swarthmore College, near Philadelphia, with a major in computer science. His favorite classes were in psychology, but he also enjoyed computer graphics, which he totally dominated. After college, well, that is the present, we started Wolfire Games last week!

David has been an avid video game programmer since he got his start in HyperCard at the age of ~6. He then got into FutureBASIC and made some more real time games. FirePong, FirePong 2, and Sword, are the most notable ones he completed. Soon, he graduated into C++ / OpenGL, making awesome 3d games of increasing complexity. Tank game, GLFighters, GLFighters 2, Lightning's Shadow, Soul of Steel, and Black Shades are notable. Finally, he made Lugaru, did some secret graphics contracts, and most recently a top-secret iPhone game.

I remember when David and I were maybe six or seven, we really liked the game Monkey Island. We wrote a letter to LucasArts saying how much we loved their game and we really wanted to work for them. LucasArts of course said "thanks, but no thanks". I think that's what got us started in computer programming. Ironically, in high school and college, David started getting job offers from a number of companies: namely, Blizzard, Ubisoft, Raven, and Crytek. No LucasArts :(. Of course, they did not know that David was ~16 at the time.

David is not interested in working for other companies, though. He has long since wanted to write his own video games, instead of working for the man. In many ways, he is the man.

Favorite games: Unreal, Marathon, Hammerfall

Random fact: David is a speed reader who has read an insane amount of sci-fi, fantasy, and technical books. He also has a near photographic memory (sometimes). Once I was struggling to memorize a scene in Hamlet for high school English class and David, in order to tease me, took the book from me, read it for maybe four minutes, and then recited it back, perfectly. Amazingly, he often forgets really big things like whether or not he has seen a popular movie.

Random fact #2: It took David ~3 seconds to proof read this post.