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Team Introduction: Aubrey

Add Comment! By Aubrey Serr on September 8th, 2008

I started working with David about 3 years ago as a concept artist and 3D modeler for Lugaru 2. I am looking forward to continuing that work with the new Wolfire team.

In the time I have been contracting with Wolfire I have also been working for other companies. Some of the bigger jobs were characters for the XBLA version of Marathon: Durandal and level design on the upcoming FPS game Darkest of Days. Working on these contract jobs, I have been able to develop professional level skills in a lot of different areas. Being the only full time artist on the Wolfire team means that I am going to get a chance to use everything I know to make our games look great.

I graduated a few years ago from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in economics but have since focused solely video game art. It wasn't easy starting out. I even worked as a cake decorator for Wal-Mart just to get by. A couple months ago my wife and I moved out here to California to work more closely with the Wolfire team. So far everything is great!

Favorite Games: XCom: UFO defense, Deus Ex, Super Metroid, Silent Hill 2

Random Fact: I had never seen any of the rest of the Wolfire team face-to-face until I moved from Iowa to work with them.