Wolfire Monthly Update - November 2020

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November 10th, 2020

Receiver 2 Steam Achievements

One of our favourite additions to Receiver 2 since launch has been the introduction of Steam achievements. We have loved watching players go beyond the standard receiver training, and prove themselves a cut above the rest by unlocking the various new achievements.

R2 Achievements

Maybe you want to start simple with the Three for Three achievement, earned by killing three enemies with three bullets in a row. Or for the more hardcore receivers out there, there are challenges like breaking every breakable part of a shock drone which would earn you the achievement Drone Demolition. And there are so many more challenges for you to achieve and improve your skills as a receiver.

Receiver 1 Workshop Support

The original Receiver has been given full Steam Workshop support. This means you can now play and share custom tilesets, listen to custom tapes, and try your hand at the different guns crafted by other Receiver fans. There has never been a better reason to go back to the game that started it all!

R1 Workshop

Wolfire Merchandise

Back in August we launched an official Wolfire Games merchandise store, and we've been delighted with the response to it.

R1 Sale

Seeing fans post photos of them wearing Overgrowth shirts, using Receiver phone cases and decorating things with Wolfire stickers, has been so heartwarming. The shop is currently full of items that will help you rep all of your favorite Wolfire games and even Wolfire itself. There are so many great designs by talented artists on a range of different items. If you are a fan of even one of our games, we are sure there will be something there for you.

Overgrowth Meets Tekken!

In this video we took a look at the awesome entries for the July 2020 Overgrowth map jam.