Wolfire Monthly Update - July 2020

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August 1st, 2020

Overgrowth Map Jam

Mid June saw the beginning of the most recent community run Overgrowth map jam. For those unfamiliar, every couple of months our wonderful community comes together to design Overgrowth maps with a specific theme. This jam's theme was "Famous Movie Fights" and has three fantastic entries that you can play right now!

R1 Sale R1 Sale R1 Sale

After playing all three maps you can vote on the winner and then join our Discord server to see what everyone else thinks!

An Indie Approach to Breaking Glass

The second part of our exploration of the Receiver 2 glass breaking effect went live this month, and we were truly humbled by the response. We were delighted to find out you all seemed to find this topic as interesting as we did.

In our next video we're planning to explore the guns in Receiver 2, what we learned and how we make them. If that sounds interesting to you you're going to want to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can catch it when we upload it!