Wolfire Monthly Update - December 2020

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December 5th, 2020

Game Development World Championship

The GDWC is an annual competition for game developers. This year Receiver 2 was nominated for the weekly ‘fan favourite’ award and you guys came out in full force. Thanks to you all, Receiver 2 won the round, taking us one step closer to proving that we have the best community in the world. This means that R2 will be up against all the other winners in a future round. We really appreciate you all for this and we will make sure to keep you updated.


If you are interested in finding out more about this, our very own Max Danielsson did an interview about the win (and Receiver 2 in general) with konsoliFIN.

Regular Wolfire Live Streams

We try to take every chance we have to interact with our wonderful community, from our discord server, to our comment sections, to our social posts. It’s for that reason that we are super excited about starting regular Wolfire streams on our Twitch channel!

R1 Sale

You can now regularly watch us stumble through Overgrowth, Receiver 2, and even some other games from time to time. All the while talking to you in the chat. So far the streams have been incredibly fun and we can’t wait to hang out with you all on Twitch more going forward!

In the spirit of the holidays, this month we wanted to share some videos made by you, the community!

Overgrowth Action and Funny moments 11 (Ragdolls)

The first is a great Overgrowth montage by PizzaSlice that shows of some of the fun things you can do with ragdolls.

HOW DO GUNS WORK? - Receiver 2

The next video we wanted to share is this amazing Receiver 2 Let’s Play by Bluuu3. Their reactions are priceless and we think you’ll get a kick out of it.

Receiver 2 Speedrun [12:12]

And finally, we can’t recommend this insane Receiver 2 speedrun by MyHatIsAwesome enough. They managed to beat the game in under thirteen minutes!