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Hotfix patch 1.0.5 out now

Add Comment! By David Rosen on October 31st, 2017

Here's the change log for the last few hotfix releases, since the 1.0 launch.

We have more fixes and improvements on the way. These are just crucial fixes or are low impact and timely:


Main game fixes:

  • Made it so checkpoints are much harder to avoid in White Flags, Watchtower, and Ice Cliffs levels
  • Made it much harder to get lost in Thick Fog level
  • Fixed bright white fog when "no reflection capture" enabled
  • Fixed one source of white screen bug on AMD RX GPUs when opening pause menu
  • Fixed crash on mod activation on linux (regarding "ModID" error message)
  • Fixed crash on linux if case is wrong on thumbnail in mod
  • Added ability to invert the X axis on mouse and gamepad input (by player request)
  • Added more items to preload.xml from Overgrowth story, should further reduce mid-level load hitching

Modding fixes:

  • Fixed crash when animation file doesn't match skeleton (only in misconstructed mods)
  • Fixed bug where cubemaps were saved with wrong filename (when using editor)
  • Allow mouse ignore on imgui, prevent stolen input with overlays (when using editor)
  • Removed some sources of log spam


  • Add preload.xml back to deploy


  • Fixes for crash when launching arena mode, some sandbox levels, and levels in some user created mods (regarding "DialogueCameraControl()" error message)

This patch is automatically applied to the Steam version of the game. You can download the DRM-free version of this patch on your Humble Bundle account.