Overgrowth Weekly Q&A #19

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November 16th, 2015

Here is the latest Overgrowth Weekly Q&A:

If you would like your question to be answered, you can post in this thread in the Wolfire forum.

Here is a summary of what we talked about before the Q&A:

  • We talk about the latest release.
  • This week's alpha release will be small.
  • We are thinking of hiring animators, and one more programmer.
  • RagdollZombie has joined as a volunteer, we might get more volunteers on board in the future.
  • There are now nightly releases to the internal_testing branch on Steam, thanks to Max's work in this area.
  • David, Anton and Aubrey have been working on a new secret sniper project.
  • Micah has kept working on the new arena game mode.

For summaries of all the community questions as well as timestamps to their full answers, see the video description on the video's YouTube page.