Overgrowth Weekly Q&A #16

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September 28th, 2015

Here is the latest Overgrowth Weekly Q&A:

If you would like your question to be answered, you can post in this thread in the Wolfire forum.

Here is a summary of what we talked about before the Q&A:

  • Micah, one of the new programmers introduces himself.
  • Steve Hong has been hired as character artist.
  • Lukas has been working on physically based rendering (PBR) as well as a blog post about it.
  • David has been working on preparing the next alpha, making decals work and establishing a workflow for hiring new artists.
  • Anton has been testing out ideas for the arena soundtrack.
  • Micah has been working on a first pass for setting up arena scenarios.
  • We aim to release the next alpha within a couple of weeks.

For summaries of all the community questions as well as timestamps to their full answers, see the video description on the video's YouTube page.