Overgrowth Weekly Q&A #15

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September 14th, 2015

Here is the latest Overgrowth Weekly Q&A:

If you would like your question to be answered, you can post in this thread in the Wolfire forum.

Here is a summary of some of the important points we talked about:

  • There are about 20 people working on the game in some capacity now. Two of the newly hired people are working full time, a programmer and a technical artist. There are now new people dedicated to level design, writing, game design, programming, music, technical art and more. Wolfire are still looking to hire more people for art.
  • David is generally trying to invest all the company's money (and his own) back into the game.
  • In the next alpha (estimated to be released in two to three weeks), you can expect to see:
    • A new lighting system, including global illumination and multiple light sources
    • Better performance from z-prepass, instanced static meshes, and other optimizations
    • Options to turn down shadow detail to further improve performance
    • A new arena mode including multiple different arenas
  • There is now a new branch for testers on Steam called "internal testing" that is even more up-to-date and unstable than the "advance testing" branch.
  • David wants to write a blog post soon about what has been going on in the past months.

For summaries of all the community questions as well as timestamps to their full answers, see the video description on the video's YouTube page.