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Overgrowth a208.1 (advance_testing)

Add Comment! By David Rosen on January 1st, 2015

I just uploaded a new build to the Steam "advance_testing" branch! Here are some changes in no particular order:

  • Fixed mass of wolf and female rabbit ragdolls
  • Character bone mass is proportional to the cube of character scale
  • Fixed a problem with sky rendering when there is no terrain
  • Fixed raider ear weights
  • Shift moves camera along camera's up vector instead of world's up vector
  • Fixed problem with floaty rolls
  • Clamped IK hip movement to reasonable range
  • New checksum for animations and character lod cache
  • Added sky rotation level parameter
  • Progress on exporting angelscript docs
  • Spawner no longer closes after spawning a new object
  • Attached objects work better with different scales
  • Reduced max time steps per frame to 4
  • Fixed slowdown when transitioning from ragdoll to animation

Please let me know how it works for you in this thread in the forums.