Art Asset Overview #43

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April 24th, 2014

In this Art Asset Overview I show the new dog armor set and the new rat characters. While I think this armor set is cool, I plan to make fewer, bigger pieces of gear in the future. It's easier to line up the bigger pieces when attaching them, and it's less work to make a few big pieces of gear rather than a dozen smaller ones. Adding more armor sets for the different species is one of my next major tasks, and I'm looking forward to making more gear for the rabbits and rats.

Be sure to watch it in HD!

These last few months have been pretty busy for us here. The time around GDC is always a great to talk with inspiring game developers, try new games, and catch up with friends who travel here to San Francisco. It's also disruptive and exhausting. Since then, we have been slowly getting back to our normal routine, and it's nice to not have any other plans for the next several months beyond "make stuff for Overgrowth."

To see more of the stuff we are currently working on, check out @wolfire for realtime updates!