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The Monk Comic

Add Comment! By Aubrey Serr on January 14th, 2014

There is a new Overgrowth comic that you can read here!

I have been trying all sorts of things to improve my skills as an artist in the last 6 months. Part of that was learning a lot of new tools, but another aspect was to reevaluate the skills I was already good at, like painting, and to continue to work on things I have been trying to learn for several years now, like storytelling. In the course of my studying, I realized I could do a new comic that was a lot better than the last one I did, and so I set to work on this:

Trying to improve existing skills is always a struggle, and I had my fair share of pitfalls on this project. I ended up trying out several art styles, and doing a lot of research. I came to understand and respect the work of existing comic artists a lot more by realizing why comic art is the way it is. It was a lot more work than I intended, but I'm happy with the final result. Don't forget to check out the new Overgrowth comic, The Monk!

I am still looking for ways to improve, so feel free to say how it compares to my previous comics in the comments!