Art Asset Overview #31

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May 9th, 2012

This video shows off a new level I'm working on while attempting to refine the visuals. I would like to achieve finished-looking levels in the next few weeks so that I can focus more on level design and less on art assets.

I spent some time on new terrain textures and more experimentation with the detail objects system. I was trying to make the wooded area on this new map look more like a real forest floor with various debris and different plants. I also tried grouping a lot of smaller objects to a rock, and then copying out the group rather than spending a lot of time adding tiny unique details to each rock I place.

Be sure to watch it in HD!

Getting the details right for each environment takes a lot of work, and each area seems a lot bigger once it is full of stuff, so I have been contemplating the idea of doing a few different missions on each environment for the final story mode. One way to keep that from becoming stale would be to change it a bit every time you visit, like having the mission take place at a different time of day or under different weather conditions.

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