Toki Tori added to the Humble Bundle for Android (Mac, Linux and Windows)

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February 9th, 2012

It is my pleasure to announce that as of right now, Toki Tori has been added as a bonus game to everyone who has purchased and will purchase the Humble Bundle for Android (Mac, Linux and Windows). That's right, Toki Tori is now making its worldwide Linux debut inside the bundle and is redeemable on Steam!

Be sure to watch it in HD!

In this adorable game, players help a baby chicken named Toki Tori reach all the eggs -- presumably Toki Tori's siblings -- in each level. Players are given various tools in limited quantities, and must use the platforms, teleports, and traps to defeat baddies and navigate past hazards. With four colorful worlds, there are plenty of neat challenges to tackle on the go or at your desktop.

As the video mentions, Humble Bundle is also debuting the alpha version of its Android app in an effort to help people manage and update their Humble Bundle Android games. The promotion has less than a week left so don't delay get the Humble Bundle for Android now!