Overgrowth a157 video changelog

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November 14th, 2011

Here is the new weekly Overgrowth alpha video! This week I demonstrate some new hotspot features and show some Linux progress.

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Be sure to watch it in HD!

The features highlighted in the above video are as follows (as well as some that didn't make it into the video):

  • Separated hotspot scripts from level script
  • Added 'displaytext' so hotspots can display messages
  • Changed hotspot collision to work precisely with bounding box
  • Fixed missing steam app id in installer
  • Progress towards Linux alpha
  • Script GUI windows fade in and out smoothly
  • Awesomium views only display after texture is processed (no garbage)
  • Fixed projected shadows on surfaces without baked shadows

Thanks as always for all the support! See you guys in IRC and the forums.

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