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January 1st, 2011

Until recently, I've looked at Twitter from the get-off-my-lawn perspective. How could anyone possibly fit anything of substance into 140 characters? How can anyone keep up with so many messages every day? Surely it's just another silly fad like cover systems and vignetting.

However, since I've been rushing to try to get the gameplay structure into the game, I haven't had much time to write full blog posts. This leaves me with a problem: how can I continue to demonstrate new features as soon as I add them without writing detailed posts about each one?

Enter Twitter. Now whenever I do something interesting, I can just take a minute to write a sentence and attach a picture, and then go on to the next thing! This won't decrease the frequency that I make blog posts or videos, but I thought I should let you blog readers know about it, in case you'd like to see those small, frequent updates in addition to blog posts.

I post Overgrowth updates to @Wolfire, and less OG-related things to @DavidIRosen. While I'm listing twitter feeds, you can also follow @Humble if you'd like to be the first to know about the next Humble Indie Bundle project!

One problem I face on the blog is that I often don't know what you would find interesting, so this could help me find out -- if I ever post anything on Twitter that you'd like to hear about in more detail, please let me know!