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On the road again

Add Comment! By Aubrey Serr on August 27th, 2010

I have recently decided to relocate, and I have been using the opportunity to visit some of my favorite places that inspired the terrain in Overgrowth!

This is not actually one of those places, but rather a shot of Lake Shasta in northern California. Not saying I wouldn't love it, if I had taken the time to stop.

This is a shot from Hurricane Hill in Olympic national park, Washington. I wish I could say this was deep in the interior of the park, but it is only a 40 minutes walk from the car.

This has been a pretty warm summer around here, but not hot enough to melt all this snow and ice.

I took this shot of the dam on the Elwha river while standing stupidly close to a fatal drop.

A good example of real life overgrowth

I am going to be spending the next little bit on the road while I head south, but expect an update from our stop in Yellowstone!