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Comic Final Update Aftermath

Add Comment! By John Graham on April 3rd, 2010

So it's been about a year now since we announced Small Tank. This year was a little bit milder, as we didn't receive any death threats on Meebo. However, we still seemed to have gotten a quite a varied reaction over our whale of a tale. Below are a few of our favorites.

Anonymous: Instead of going on, you just end the story like that? I'm disappointed of you guys bringing such an "unfitting" end to the story. If you just were to lazy or had to do to much other work, why don't say:"We'll work it out later, maybe after release." So this story could have been finished.
Anonymous: Argh, I'm just disappointed by you guys, but I hope you don't handle your game the same way.
Anonymous: Been waiting for the end for quite some time now! :D
Anonymous: The story was good, the images looked beautiful and a whaleman to top it off.
Anonymous: Haha, when I saw Whaleman; I knew something wasn't going to go right!
Anonymous: Whaleman crying because he crushed some potential friends,
Anonymous: I thought your ending was very silly! :P
Anonymous: That was an unexpected ending.
Anonymous: best ending evar :D
Anonymous: I find it kinda lame it ended so abruptly, but I must admit, it did make me laugh. 2 hours ago
Anonymous: Ah, wait, the date. You bastards.
Anonymous: The ending of the comic made me sad :C
wolfirejohn: yeah it go pretty emotionally heavy at the end
Anonymous: Um.. I don't even...
Anonymous: ...
Anonymous: What?
Anonymous: Ohh i hate that damn ending.
Anonymous: At first I was a bit disappointed but then I realized what day it is today and laughed my ass off. Congrats, this is the only April's fools joke that was actually funny!
Anonymous: It was interesting! I liked the sketchy appearance. I also enjoyed the sight into the dog's, rather asian-feudalistic culture.
Anonymous: The ending was... unexpected. And, may I say, a bit of a let-down, if a bit funny non the less.
Anonymous: I was kinda hoping to see where this story would go, but whaleman happened :(
Anonymous: he ended the comic? lmfao what the hell? XD
Anonymous: With a anti-climactic end to it too. oh well. XD
Anonymous: That was an unexpected ending.
Anonymous: I think I got the meaning. I think a bit slowly
Anonymous: WTF!?!
Anonymous: The overgrowth comic was so dissapointing!
Anonymous: Erghh

What were the best april fools jokes that you guys encountered?