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SMALL TANK aftermath

Add Comment! By Jeffrey Rosen on April 1st, 2009

Hey guys, as you know, we prefer live chat to email (as mentioned in this post). After posting about SMALL TANK last night, our live chat widget went under a lot of stress and when we logged in this morning, we were flooded with queued messages. Here's a few pretty good ones, with the names changed to protect the innocent:

REDACTED: Hello Jeff, i've awaited for you, please say WHAT IS SMALL TANK?!?!?!??
REDACTED: Please, I worry about OG
REDACTED: OG developing will continued and never stopped until done?Yes?PLeasetell me!Small tank is just april joke, right?????
REDACTED: Jeff, Ple-e-e-ase
REDACTED: Please tell me, i've awaited to ask all the day
REDACTED: i will tell noone if you want
REDACTED: It is a trick of Wolfire?
REDACTED: Dunno how i will sleep today...
meebme951578: Are you going to stop working on Overgrowth!!!!!!!???????
meeboguest913388: where can I preorder small tanks
REDACTok: i hope that doenst mean you guys are giving up
REDACTok: you just need a better marketing strategy. things that take place in in fantasy and science fiction realms focus on the bad guys. showing the unimaginable scope of the evil, or it shows the deep personal affect that the bad guys have on the primary characters. think about the original oblivion trailer, it had three things. . . .the gate to oblivion. . . . .the clannfear deeadroth . . . . . and patrick stewart these things are actually the embodyment of entetainment advertising
REDACTok: the triumvirate of advertising. you need two of hte following hopefully all, the bad guy, the fortress, and the guy with the smooth voice. these are the points. the lines that connect these points are what make it a triangle. those lines are game aspects. sound,enviroment, and playability.
roREDACT77: i really do think you should halt OG for small tank
roREDACT77: I mean OG wont really run on any computer, so why not make it?
roREDACT77: Its also WAY to viloent
meeboguest753691: is small tank gonna be for mac?
meeboguest753691: macintosh
meeboguest753691: cumputer
meeboguest753691: computer
meeboguest753691: is small tank gonna be for macintosh computer???
meeboguest11032: why wont you make overgrowth and it?
meeboguest11032: and small tank
meeboguest11032: why cant you make overgrowth and small tank lotsa people wantta do overgrowth and it
crazy-ass hardcore wolfire fanboy: WHY DID U CNACEL OG FOR SMALL TANK
crazy-ass hardcore wolfire fanboy: WHY
raREDACT: you guys might want to shout april fools before a rebellion starts
UlREDACTat: are you actually dropping OG for small tanks?
UlREDACTat: ??????
UlREDACTat: Fine
UlREDACTat: every freaking OG fan is going to hate your guts
UlREDACTat: !@$%! life

News on Overgrowth shall resume shortly.