First pass cat head

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March 11th, 2010

Back when we started Overgrowth, even before we had chosen a name, I had started on the test assets we would need in order to get gameplay working. This is the head I modeled for a cat character.

hairless cat
This looks a bit strange with no fur on it

We did (and still do) have a lot of fancy features planned, and at the time It seemed like a good idea to design with those features in mind, so I modeled this head without hair.

Doing these assets made it easy to tell what was not working. Hairless critters look weird and it isn't that hard to make them look furry even before we have cool fur technology. Having the head as its own object was also a bad idea because it left a really obvious seam. Even though I changed these things on my next characters, doing this hairless version was really useful practice for cat anatomy.

One thing I have learned from these first assets is that even if you end up not keeping something, practice is always useful.