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Overgrowth Soundtrack: Combat 5

Add Comment! By John Graham on February 12th, 2010

We've uploaded another song to the Overgrowth Soundtrack playlist on YouTube. The songs are composed by the talented Mikko Tarmia and often feature Anton Riehl on the flute.

This is one of my favorite combat tracks. You may recall that it's already been featured in the Lugaru Fighting Fundamentals video. Be sure to do it justice by checking it out in HD.

I really like the way the opening strings act like percussion and just meld directly into the beat. The abrupt ascending run at 10 seconds is unlike anything I've heard in the other tracks and makes me wonder if we might be able to schedule something like it to occur dynamically in the middle of a fight. Imagine hearing that shrill ascending note right before landing a devastating leg cannon. The playful xylophones balance out the composition and remind the listener that it's ok if their life or death battle also happens to be fun. How does this track make you feel?

You can find the growing Overgrowth soundtrack playlist here.