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Overgrowth Alpha 62

Add Comment! By Jeffrey Rosen on January 19th, 2010

Here is what is new in Overgrowth in this weekly alpha. If you are confused what a weekly alpha is, or even what Overgrowth is, please read our fancy FAQ. Basically, we are developing a massive video game from the ground up -- we are able to do this completely independently by accepting preorders for the game before it's done!


David has been working on the Angelscript scripting subsystem. Here are a few highlights from the source repository:

  • Angelscript connected to keyboard events, camera, physics, rabball position, rabball velocity and rabball brightness
  • Added vec3 and string types to Angelscript
  • Angelscript error messages and live update
  • Made animation more modular
  • Hooked up alt-r ragbots with animation test
  • John has a pink beard
  • Fixed animation floor grid for loaded skeletons
  • Added temp folder for terrain simplification
  • Removed far clip plane
Overgrowth Alpha 62
Testing color correction [very saturated]

Thanks as always for all the support! See you guys in IRC and the forums.