More Mesmerizing Meebo Mischief

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December 19th, 2009

I recently discovered a synergy between Meebo tools. Apparently the Meebo flask is designed to work in tandem with the Meebo live chat widget. Where crazy Meebo conversations might cause frustration, the flask is there to calm the nerves.

I'm kidding of course. People have been increasingly friendly, but enough time has passed that I've gathered another crazy collection of conversations. For every silly conversation, there are probably about 50 productive ones but since no one wants to hear about those, let the madness begin!

GT: It has been my lifelong dream to make it into the weird Meebo Moments post
GT: I have gone without food, sleep, and drink for 3 days in preparation for this moment
GT: My father became a hermit who lives in the alps in order to undergo a cleansing ritual that would enable him to acheive his lifelong goal, and I have now taken up the mantle
GT: Could you please help me make my father proud?
wolfirejohn: we might be able to make it happen for you
meeboguest866005 : Fah, online my *ss
meeboguest866005 : YOU BASTARD\
meeboguest866005 : F*cking hell
meeboguest939189: It doesn't really bother me if you're a robot or an android or whatever, in fact, it seems like it might help when making a video game.
meeboguest939189: maybe if you ever make a game about robots, you should be a secret unlockable character or something.
wolfirejohn: system error
wolfirejohn: your suggestion does not compute
meeboguest565541 : Mr. Anderson...
meeboguest565541 : We've... missed you
meeboguest565541 : Mr. Anderson?
meeboguest565541 : Err...
meeboguest565541 : Well, I guess I'm going back to the Lord of the Rings set if you're going to be like that
meeboguest9843: Hello, Have you ever been called furf*g due to the fact that overgrowth has human like animals? Yeah it's not very essetial guestion, but i have allways wanted to know.
wolfirejohn: no I don't think so
wolfirejohn: thanks for asking though
wolfirejohn: well we appreciate the support, let me know if you have troubles with the alpha
meeboguest32174: will do
meeboguest32174: don't give up on wolfire!
meeboguest32174: or i will hunt you all down!
meeboguest09347 : um about the spiked wolf
meeboguest09347 : it looks un natural
meeboguest09347 : so u should remove this factor
wolfirejohn: he's using hair gel
wolfirejohn: no worries
meeboguest09347 : lol
meeboguest09347 : are you serious?
wolfirejohn: well by hair gel
wolfirejohn: I mean the blood of his slain enemies
MountainDew : Hello Johnathan
MountainDew : I see you when you're sleeping, you know?
MountainDew : You shouldn't be sleeping.
MountainDew : You should be drinking caffeine.
MountainDew : That is all.
Pedophilic necrofiliac: JOHN
Pedophilic necrofiliac: I LOVE YOU
wolfirejohn: thanks! but I might be too old and alive for you

Remember if you're trying to ask me questions about Overgrowth and I'm not around or able to respond, don't despair. Just leave me your email address and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. You can also take the initiative and email me. Also, don't forget about Wolfire's public IRC channel.