Overgrowth Soundtrack: Combat 4

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October 10th, 2009

Continuing our series of Overgrowth music posts, we've added another Overgrowth piece to our YouTube channel. The songs are composed by the talented Mikko Tarmia and often feature Anton Riehl on the flute.

Today we are revealing combat track number 4. No laughing is permitted when I say you should listen to it in HD.

This song sounds like the perfect accompaniment for a sparring session. The beat, like the other combat tracks, is all business but gets softened by the light-hearted strings, flute and harp. About 40 seconds into the piece, the harp becomes very prominent. Each of the 4 ascending harp flourishes, cause me to visualize one combatant gloating to the other "Aha, how did you like that move?". The song definitely has some serious intensity, but it feels like at the end of this battle, perhaps no one will end up dead. How does the song make you feel?

You can find the growing Overgrowth soundtrack playlist here.