Overgrowth Icons

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October 10th, 2009

When we made the first Overgrowth alpha a long time ago, we needed an icon. Aubrey quickly whipped up a stylized Overgrowth "O". This was, of course, a rough draft:

Overgrowth, Alpha 1

However, we haven't had time to make it super cool yet. In the meantime though, the amazing Tim Soret contributed his own take on the icon. A very detailed and realistic version:

Click the icon for the huge, 1024x1024 version

And Iiro's brother, Mordae, also submitted a sweet icon to use. Another very detailed take on the silhouette:

Click the icon for the huge, 1024x1024 version

I think these icons are awesome and it's really cool to see different takes on the same idea. The talent in the Overgrowth community always impresses me. More submissions are always welcome!